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How to Order

Ordering is easy. It boils down to just checking out our menu and telling us what you'd like. If you don't live near Portland Maine, then no worries because we ship! And if you would like something special (like a full-sized cake) then just ask.

If you can't pick up your order, then you need to tell us before we bake it. We can either reschedule the pickup or cancel the order for you. If we bake it and you don't show up, then we'll try to make reasonable arrangements but we won't issue a refund and we won't bake it again for free.



Have a look at our Menu page and tell us what you'd like. If you need something special, then feel free to ask us.

We'll send you an invoice that you can pay online. Once that's done, we'll bake your stuff! (If the order is under $50 then you can just pay when you receive your order.)



You can pick up your order at one of our markets or at our home. We can also ship your order.

Important: bread doesn't last forever, so if you don't pick it up then it will go bad. If that happens, we won't bake it again for free.

Since we're a licensed home bakery, our markets are our storefronts. You can pick up goodies at whatever market is closest to you, or simply pick them up at our home.

If you need shipping, we can work out the shipping costs send you an online invoice. Once that's paid, we'll ship your order.