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A Gluten Free Chef

Hi. My name is Cara Cribb. I’ve worked just about every position in a professional kitchen, from line cook to pastry chef to kitchen manager. I loved my work, but I was always tired and I had frequent headaches. It was a mystery for a long time, but eventually I discovered that I’m allergic to gluten.

Cara Checks the Book

When I went gluten free, my headaches and fatigue disappeared. Sadly, my physical tolerance for the stuff went with it. Eventually, I couldn’t even work in a regular restaurant anymore. The flour would get everywhere, and I would be an exhausted mess within a day or so. I would even get a rash from where the stuff touched my skin.

Obviously, I had to do something else. Since I couldn’t work in regular places anymore, I decided to start a home bakery here in Maine. I want everyone to know that gluten free baking can taste just as good as gluten-based stuff, and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.