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Cara Got a Food Truck!

We’ve bought a food truck and we’re starting a new business around it! Galley Goodies will still provide gluten free baked goods, but the Heard Food Truck will provide much more!

We had a Fundraiser

Thanks to everyone who came to the fundraiser! We had a wonderful opportunity to show off some of the food that we can provide beyond baked goods, and we are grateful for the support of our community. The weather has made it difficult to finish up with the truck, but we’re still working on it and we’ll be operational this season. We’re looking forward to serving you breakfast, lunch and sometimes brunch!

Two Different Companies

It’s a bit weird, but we’re setting up the truck as a separate company from Galley Goodies. They’ll serve different kinds of food in a different kind of venue, so it works out a little better for us that way. We’ll still be at the Bath Farmers’ Market and you can still place an order with us if you need goodies. Be sure to see us at this season’s winter markets if you have any questions, or if maybe you’d like to buy some bagels.   🙂