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Fall is here, and so is a special menu!

It's time for Pumpkins and Apples again! We have a new menu just for Fall! Have a look to see what we have planned for the most colorful time of the year!

Pumpkins in Fall

Gluten Free Goodness in Portland, Maine

Galley Goodies is a licensed, gluten free home bakery in Portland, Maine. Our chef has an allergy to gluten, so her entire home is kept gluten free at all times. We can deliver orders locally, and some things are available for shipping. For details, just send us an email or call 207-200-6849.

South Portland Market Table

Great Food for Everyone

Whether you have Celiac disease, a gluten sensitivity or just have a loved one who does, you should still be able to enjoy great food. Our goal is to provide food that everyone can eat, without worrying about cross-contamination. If your friend drops some crumbs, that's okay! Our crumbs are gluten free!