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Gluten Free Goodness in Portland, Maine

Baking without gluten changes things, but you don’t have to settle for lower quality or less taste. You also don’t have to empty your bank account just to have cupcakes again. We make all sorts of goodies, and we even have gluten free bread!

Galley Goodies is a licensed, gluten free home bakery in Portland, Maine. Our chef has an allergy to gluten, so her entire home is kept gluten free at all times.

We can deliver orders locally, and some things are available for shipping. For details, just send us an email or call 207-200-6849.

Featured Products

State-Licensed Chef

Our chef has worked in restaurants in New York, Boston, South Carolina and Vermont, covering every position from line cook to kitchen manager to pastry chef.

Individual goodies available at the Right Time Café

Since discovering it was gluten that was making her sick, Cara Cribb has focused her attention on making gluten free dishes that don't taste any different from regular ones. If you need some gluten free baked goodies that don't "taste" gluten free, then just let us know!

Gluten Free Blog

Cara blogs about living gluten free and vegetarian at It's a good place to get information on living with two dietary restrictions.

Gluten Free Bread

Glutarian is also a source of first-person reviews on products and restaurants. Cara writes about how to shop for the right things, and how to keep dinner interesting when you don't have any wheat products in the house.

Great Food for Everyone

Whether you have Celiac disease, a gluten sensitivity or just have a loved one who does, you should still be able to enjoy great food. Our goal is to provide food that everyone can eat, without worrying about cross-contamination. If your friend drops some crumbs, that's okay! Our crumbs are gluten free!